7 Amazing Flutter App Development Tools Every Developer Should Know

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As a result of technological expansions happening at an altogether constant pace; therefore it is becoming more and more crucial for users to rely on their smartphones for performing all their daily tasks. This is a result of the presence of apps. The same not only has a wide array of benefits for the customer. It equally contributes to business success.

All these factors have been responsible for the business to incorporate frameworks that allow them to build an app that drives maximum ROI for them in the end.

If you go by statistics, a framework that has particularly captured the attention of entrepreneurs globally is Flutter.

Look at this graph below to understand the overhauling popularity the framework has witnessed around 2022.

flutter graph
Image source: statista.com

The graph above suggests the popularity Flutter enjoyed among developers.

Therefore, being educated on this framework will help developers build an app that can help your business earn maximum revenue and customers.

In the lines below, we explain the other factors responsible for Flutter gaining such a prominent position among developers.

Flutter for App Development — Reasons for Popularity

Ensures Instant Code Visibility
This is one prime benefit Flutter endows developers. It helps them gain instant visibility of the changes made to the code. This automates the process of app development, making it less time-consuming.

Coding Requirement is Less
Using Dart, an object-oriented programming language, Flutter SDK ensures that developers have to utilize more undersized lines of code.

Easy Customization Support
Last, another main factor that helps to make Flutter so popular among developers is the ease it provides in the task of customization. This is a result of the presence of multiple widgets within. Despite appearing native to Android, and iOS, both, give flexibility and ease in making necessary customization.

Thus, all in all, embracing Flutter will make it seamless and easy to market your app. It will also allow you to make quick decisions. All this will prove fruitful for your business and maximize your customer base.

Simultaneously, using Flutter, you get empowered with the following advantages too-

  • The presence of a single code base helps create a cost-effective app for the iOS and Android platforms. In other words, developing apps for these two platforms do not consume too much finances.
  • Launched as an open-source mobile UI framework in 2017, Flutter creates an exponentially expressive and flexible UI. This enhances the overall customer experience when users interact with the app.
  • Building an MVP or minimum viable product becomes easy with Flutter. This is a result of the hot reload functionality present within the SDK. This allows developers to observe changes in the app code. It finally ensures that the app development process is fast and easy.

All these factors make it clear that it is a reasonable business proposition to include Flutter app development services. This will help the business streamline its success and maximize ROI in the shortest time.

However, it is crucial that besides using Flutter and having knowledge of the framework, also have sound knowledge of the different tools.

Some of the popular Flutter app development tools that have drawn a good base among developers are as follows-

  1. Panache
  2. Codemagic
  3. Appetize
  4. Visual Studio Code
  5. Supernova
  6. Adobe Plugins
  7. Firebase

These are some tools that have built a prominent place among developers. They would promise to do so in the years to come.

In the lines below, we introduce you to these tools, helping you understand why these tools have attained such massive popularity in the first place. Finally, we will explain why its incorporation within your project will help streamline the overall success of your app in the long run.

1. Panache


First on the list of top seven flutter app development tools is Panache. It is an open-source, browser-based material theme editor. This helps developers to conceive attractive and customizable themes for the Flutter app. This also includes the support in customizing the colors of the different components and widgets. All this helps the theme to be easily exportable. This is particularly a theme. dart file.

2. Codemagic

Image source: codemagic.io

This is the first Flutter-focused CI/CD tool. Its creation took place by Nevercode. It is renowned and popular for the support it provides in the task of integration. This is with the different tools. It in fact allows for automating the whole build, testing, and releasing. This is one major reason that helps Codemagic gain a prominent position among developers, particularly as a tool to help their projects successfully.

Some of the other reasons why Codemagic has gained so much popularity are-

  • Provides control over CI/CD pipeline. This is because it assists to create workflows that are in sync with the different requirements of the development team. This is particularly while building a native or a cross-platform app. The same will help to automate the overall pipeline which will prove to be fruitful for the business.
  • The tool provides fast feedback to the teams. This allows them to focus on product development seamlessly. This saves them from handling the build, testing, and releasing.
  • Eases the task to test the mobile apps. This is particularly when they require support during macOS VM s and iOS code signing, to name a few.

Knowing now about Codemagic, let us introduce you to the third tool developers need to be aware of to streamline their project success.

3. Appetize

Image source: appetize.io

The third tool that we recommend developers to use to automate the way they provide flutter app development services is Appetize.

It will support them greatly in ensuring they can seamlessly run the native iOS and Android apps within the browser itself. This is without making any downloads, performing any plugins, or taking any form of extra permissions.

Finally, as a result of using this tool, developers can easily perform cross-platform app development. This is particularly when they wish to conceive and create a Flutter-based game.

4. Visual Studio Code

Image source: code.visualstudio.com

Visual Studio Code is also known as VS Code is a source-code editor. Made by Microsoft for Windows, Linux, and macOS, it helps in tasks like debugging, highlighting the syntax, performing intelligent code completion, etc.

Simultaneously, it helps users modify the theme, and install extensions. These factors have been responsible for the Visual Studio Code earning the reputation of being the most popular developer environment tool in the Stack Overflow 2021 Developer Survey.

Therefore, as a developer, make sure to know this tool.

5. Supernova

Image source: supernova.io

Coming fifth on the list of the seven top Flutter app development tools, Supernova holds the reputation of being the world’s first design system as a service platform.

It helps to manage the entire design system lifecycle in one place alone. This is without getting the team involved in changing the tools or maintaining self-built workflows and integrations.

In short, it automates the way task performance is done. Thanks to features like design system management, documentation, code, asset delivery, and multi-branded design systems, it becomes easy to utilize the design system data.

Also, it supports maintaining the design truth as well. All this helps designers work in a manner that suits them best. This eventually secures them to get results that are of utmost business value.

6. Adobe Plugins

Using this tool, it becomes easy for developers to pin the elements they require within the enclosing parent. They can seamlessly also maintain control on tasks like resizing. This includes leveraging the layout model directly within the project.

Finally, the plugin makes it easy to export the different Adobe XD designs into clean, functional. This helps in copying codes for specific visual elements from the design to the export of reusable widgets. Therefore, make sure you know this tool. This is particularly when embracing Flutter app development services. It will help you get a dynamic UI, possessing a responsive layout.

7. Firebase


Last, Firebase is a tool that developers also need to know about. Developed by Google for mainly creating web and mobile apps both, it possesses tools that help in analytic tracking, reporting, and fixing app crashes. This ensures the creation of a collaborative app that performs seamlessly and is responsive to the core.

These factors are responsible for the tool becoming so popular in the first place, especially when talking about the ones that ensure seamless Flutter app development services.

Therefore, make sure to know this tool too for your next project. This will ensure smooth project completion and in the end, create a solution that maximizes ROI to the greatest extent.

Summing Up

An app that is easy to scale possesses a single codebase, and whose development pace is fast, to say the least, will go on to act as a savior for you. This is if you are a new business venture in particular.

To achieve these aspects, embrace Flutter app development services. Additionally, it becomes imperative to have knowledge of the tools making the app flexible to its best capacity.

Hence, if not done yet, make sure to educate yourself on this list. It will help you accelerate the overall development pace and creation of an app that is user-friendly to the core.



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